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Services Offer by Sudan Women Association

Sudan Women Association in London

1-     Sewing Classes

2-     Supplementary Classes Primary & Secondary School Children

3-     Creche Facilities

4-     Cooking Classes/Healthy eating for women

5-     ESOL and IT for unemployed people

6-     Skills Management Training for women to improve their skills management

7-     Cultural Dance group for young people and women

8-     Keep Fit

9-     Outreach Sessions

10- Seminar/Workshop

11- Monthly gathering

Home Health Service:
Deluxe Car Wash:
Septic Tank Repairs:
Shoe Repair:

Many of the services we offer require us to rasie fund and as such we had to partner with other charities and cooperates offering financial resources for the minority in this country:


The following bodies currently fund SWA:

- London Borough of Camden

- Community Chest

- BBC Children I Need Appeal

- Camden & Westminster Training Partnership

- John Lyons Charity

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SWA*Abbey Community Centre
 * 222C Belsize Road
* London NW6 4DJ